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Our curriculum is especially designed for preschoolers to foster emerging literacy, book appreciation, thinking skills, and a long-term love of learning.

In each school year your child will be introduced to
 10 excellent children’s bookseach of which forms the basis of a month-long exploration of the story, math and science concepts, creative arts, and age-appropriate reading and writing skills. 

These books also form the starting point of our play-based emergent curriculum approach which often leads to long-term child-driven projects in which the whole class works together, using social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language skills.

And, at the end of each month, your child will take home their very own copy of the book he/ she just explored in the classroom!


Included on a daily basis is our focus on People Skills (social & emotional skills). We integrate skills such adaptability, attention, courage, civility, empathy, personal space, etc, into our teaching, interactions, and send-home activities. These foundational skills are essential for school and learning readiness.

Our teachers build a developmental portfolio for your child throughout the school year to tell his/ her learning story. The portfolio is a collection of your child's work, evidence of developmental progress, video, audio, and teacher comments about their learning and activities in the classroom.  AND - you get to participate.

We use an e-portfolio program called EDUCA - a world-class Portfolio Program developed in New Zealand and used by early childhood programs throughout the world. 

We'll invite you to have access to your child's portfolio page, and you can view, talk to the teacher, and even upload stories, video, and audio of your child being amazing at home! 

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