3.  Managing A Multi-Generational Team

Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, Oh My! Keeping track of the various generations in the workplace is challenging, yet valuable. We'll take a look at managing a team that contains the various generations and what you can do to better support them. Get skills that will turn you into a multi-generational super-manager.


Courses for ECE Managers

7. Your Annual Center Training Plan

Providing targeted training for your staff is an ongoing management task. When you create a plan for the whole year, it will help you meet your center goals, and get everyone on the same page. This webinar helps your set up a meaningful plan to meet those objectives.


4.  Meaningful Motivation & Rewards for your Staff

Donuts and treats not getting your staff motivated? In this webinar we examine the difference between treats and rewards, and look at new and meaningful ways to reward staff achievements and motivate them to success.


One-Hour Topics

6.  The Art of Delegation

Delegation is more than managing your workload. It supports the professional development of your staff, and results in a stronger, more well-run program. Learn how to identify tasks for delegation and the appropriate staff who would benefit from your delegation skills.


Our one-hour courses are especially designed for managers of early childhood education programs throughout the country. Our mission is to provide you with useful, practical and easy-to-apply information that has a positive impact on the quality of your program.

Webinar Information:​

  • Sign up and listen any time! Each course is self-paces and available 24/7.
  • ​There are downoadable handouts that accompany each webinar for note-taking and post-workshop reference
  • Cost:   $15 per person
  • Requirements:   Computer with sound, internet access, printer
  • Certificates are issued at the conclusion of the course
  • Earn 1 WA STARS Hour or 1 Clock Hour of continuing education

1.  Meaningful Observations of Teacher Performance

Maintaining program quality is an ongoing management task. Regular classroom observations are a powerful tool to use to ensure that teachers are delivering high quality care and education all year round. We’ll look at how to incorporate observations into your management load, and what to do with the data once you have it.​​

Coming Soon

5. Strategic Communication Skills - Talking So Your Staff Listens!

Does it sometimes feel like no-one is listening to you? Learn how to use very specific communication strategies to access your staff members' communication preferences and get skills that will turn you into a strategic communicator.


2.  Defining Your Management Style - And Using It!

Managing a group of people can be a tough job! Learn how your management style might be making it harder, and discover ways to use proven management strategies to manage your staff. Learn how to use techniques and task management tools that will organize and prioritize your work day!