Bloom's At-Home Preschool

Who's it for?

For Anyone!

In response to the global shutdown, we also closed our school, along with so many other places of learning.

We recognize that parents suddenly had to become teachers. Most challenging of all, many of you have become preschool teachers!

We know how time consuming it is to come up with meaningful ideas and pick from the multitude of websites out there, and still keep the children happy, the household running, and the grown-ups sane!

We can help!

What is it?

At-Home Preschool draws on the expertise of our faculty to create monthly learning experiences for your preschoolers.

As in our regular classrooms, each  month's learning and fun activities are based on a carefully selected children's book. We draw out core concepts from the book to create math, science, language, music, movement and creative arts experiences. Here's what you get:

  1.  A Monthly Plan

  2.  Activity Sheets that describe what to do, and what you need to do it.

  3.  Printable resources to go along with the activities

  4.  Videos of our awesome teachers reading aloud, singing songs and leading short activities.

  5.  Live Circle Time once a week for story time, sing-alongs, music and movement, and show and share!

How does it work?


  • Each month we send you (via email) all the files you need. Those are yours to keep for ever!

  • We will email you an invitation to the weekly live Circle Time to join the whole group

  • Additionally, we'll send you the links to songs and other resources you may need.


Enrollment is made on a monthly basis

  • Click here and sign up your young learner for May 2020, and we'll give you two weeks of April curriculum for free

  • Cost: $150 per month per family

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