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BEE Homeschooling - Some Useful Information

  • For children up to 3rd Grade

  • Entry age: 5 years & 6 months old by 08/31/2020

  • Oversight  and curriculum support by a WA State Certified Teacher

  • Ongoing methodology and skills training for parents

  • Weekly study groups for math, science, language arts, social studies, creative arts, and physical education 

  • Regular social events and activities for children


BEE Homeschooling is a hybrid model that combines the benefits of home instruction and the more formal classroom instruction by a certified teacher. Together, these meet the 1000 hours of instruction per year requirement. The mixed-age grouping allows for more cooperative and multi-level learning.

Components of the Program:

Mon - Fri:  Instruction by parents at home | Morning hours | Minimum 15 hours per week

Mon - Thur:  Classroom instruction by BEE teacher | Afternoon hours | Minimum 8 hours per week

Scheduled:  Field Trips and Outings | Additional cost may apply

Annually:  Progress Assessments | Administered by the BEE teacher

Scheduled: Parent orientation and ongoing training

Monthly: One-hour curriculum planning meeting

School Calendar: 2020/ 2021

  • First Term: Aug 31st - Dec 18th, 2020


  • Second Term: Jan 4th - April 2nd, 2021​


  • Third Term: April 12th - July 30th, 2021​


  • Holiday Closures: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving & the day after, MLK Day, Memorial Day

Annual Fees: 2020/2021

Registration Fee: $125 per family

Education Fee: $150 per child

Tuition: $5060 per child

Payment Options available:

Per Term: $1686

Per Month: $460

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